The amazing Steve Schenkenberger is in need of our help! Steve was riding his mountain bike on Super Bowl Sunday around 8pm on Niguel & Ridgeway Avenue when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. Thankfully, someone saw what happened and he made it to the ER. Steve has sustained injuries throughout the left side of his body, but the most severe are in his brain. He had emergency surgery the same night where they removed a piece of skull where he had a blood clot, which relieved pressure. He continues to have brain swelling and the medical bills are starting to pile up, quickly. Most importantly, PRAY…secondly, if you can help support financially it would be greatly appreciated. Steve is a Father of 5 young boys, ages 9 years-4 months old, and married to his incredible wife Lori. He is the sole provider for the family. They are an amazing, selfless, loving, wonderful family and they need our help NOW!

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