Steve was hit by a car while mountain biking on 2/5/17. It was a hit and run. Requesting worldwide prayers. For a status update on his condition, visit the facebook page Steve’s family keeps updated.

The amazing Steve Schenkenberger is in need of our help! He was struck on Super Bowl Sunday around 8pm on Niguel & Ridgeway Avenue in Laguna Niguel. Steve sustained severe injures in his brain. He had emergency surgery the same night where they removed a piece of skull to relieve pressure. He has had multiple surgeries and has been under 24/7 care since the accident occurred.

Steve is going to need SO much time and energy, there’s just no way Lori can not do it all on her own. She needs prayers for Steve’s young boys missing and needing their dad, prayers for trust… knowing nothing of the outcome of Steve having DAI, a severe TBI. Lori needs prayers for support, paying for life with 5 young boys, medical expenses (are already well over $500,000) and that’s just the beginning… Steve won’t be capable of being the financial provider for many years to come….prayers for the reality of this new life when Steve comes back home, the chaos of raising 5 kids, cooking dinners, making lunches, taking them to schools, taking him to therapies, modifying cars for wheel chair accessibility, paying monthly bills, figuring out ways to pay bills, making sure each one of their kids are loved and cared for! Click Here to Donate or Bring Them a Meal.

Thank you so much for following Steve’s story, for praying, and for everything you’ve given so far. The community God has provided is amazing. Prayers that the community of helpers sticks by their side!